Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to process, consolidate and display real-time data from various Internet of Things sensors. It aims to provide highly automated setup and a lightweight connection protocol, suited for both high and low network coverage locations with low network usage. Given the broad spectrum of businesses that are using Internet of Things to monitor their primary activities, Environ addresses problems common throughout the industry, in multiple environments, all across logistical and operational activities, thus optimizing the core processes of the business.

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Lack of monitoring and organized information can be the invisible barrier that prevents companies from improving. A good monitoring system can help not only detect areas that need improving, or the reasons why those same areas are in trouble, but also prevent disasters from happening.

With Environ, clients can monitor the environment of their primary activities with IoT sensors through an automated, unobtrusive and easy set-up that also works in low data coverage areas.

This information is available on a online dashboard that provides real-time feedback and allows the creation of customizable reports. All these features help companies have a better understanding of their inner problems and prevent disasters.